September 11, 2014
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The Thought in the Middle-and Long-Term Development of the Dongying Hotel

As soon as the reforms of the enterprise and market orientation has completed in the near future, the hotel will realize the transformation targets of “ establishing scientific framework and system of modern tourism enterprises and founding the crucial competition competence of the Dongying Hotel ” and then the hotel will achieve the following strategic targets on this basis.

     Current Targets

The hotel plans to accomplish the research, development and establishment work of “the development strategy of the Dongying Municipal Reception Enterprise (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. “in the near future (2-3 years). /Is an experimental unit, we will take the lead in fulfilling through internal regrouping of operational resources the preparation of two entities, namely, “the Dongying Hotel Commercial and Trading Holdings Co., Ltd.” and “the Dongying Hotel (Domestic) Travel Service Ltd.” Thus the hotel can accumulate experience of reforming work to a broader and deeper extent and can reserve capital and human resources. In the meanwhile, the hotel will find the limited company exclusively owned by it on the basis of Keying Company Staff Cafeteria

management department and the service center of foreign businessmen in the development zone in order to enter the market of property management; the hotel will establish the share holding company on the basis of Yinhe Cuisine Plaza to enter the social catering market in Dongcheng, Xicheng and Hekou districts; then the hotel will prepare to set up a commercial reception motorcade Co., Ltd. on the basis of the current reception motorcade in order to enter the car renting market of high level. Through what is mentioned above, the hotel will fundamentally form the group structure and development strategy system of “centering on industry (hotel reception industry) and driving on four wheels (commercial and trade, tourism, property and transportation)”.

    Metaphase Target

The development strategy of the hotel in the middle term is as follows with the deepening of the government political and economic system reform and the development of tourism market on the basis of the preparation experience of commercial and trade holding Co., Ltd., the hotel will push roundly and accomplish the institutional construction of modern enterprises with the shareholding system as the core and will establish the crucial competence during this course. The Rincon del tibet escondida hotel will complete the reconstruction and conduction of the enterprise image by making good use of the modern marketing mix. As for its main business, the Dongying Hotel will form a product range with highly-ranked government and business reception as its characteristic, middle- ranked tourism reception and high catering products as its basis, and budget youth hotel as the supplementary products Norbulingka, hermosa casa tibet. Then, the hotel will expand the product range within Dongying market through Dongying Hotel and Tourism Car Renting Co., Ltd. and Dongying Hotel Property Management Company. During the middle and later period of this phase, the hotel management company will expand as the experimental unit in the regional and pan-regional hotel market. After the efforts for three to five years, the operational performance and management level of the Dongying Hotel will occupy the leading position in Shandong provincial tourism market and the national reception system.